Hello Everyone, my name is Aryaman Pachauria I am 19 years old College student from India. This is my first article writing about one of the favorite topics that change my life completely.
So starting with my childhood experience, while I was a kid I usually never observe things around me and always be like, “go with the flow” kind of guy, no worries about anything and always try to help people and friends around me, and when you are close to your friends you have a few expectations from your friends that they will also help you whenever you need. But that was the opposite no one care about you. Everyone went as their work was done. By experiencing this, so many times I observe that my mental peace is disturbing by this kind of stuff. I can’t focus on my work as the back of my mind it’s always going, why he/she has done this thing to me as I have never done something wrong with them.
On that day I realized that this not gonna happen again no one can disturb my mental peace by just moving away without any reason, I will not think about it. Later, I was sitting in my room a random thought popup in my head with the question, Why I do not observe people around me?
My answer to this question was very simple and easy I hope it will help you, all those who have issues of overthinking and having concern about the people who don’t give a F**K.
Whenever you meet new people around you don’t get emotionally attached to someone so quickly because everyone is good in the first meeting. Take your time and observe the best-case and the worst-case scenario for the person whom you are meeting, I know it’s mechanical to think like that, I’ll explain to you with a simple example when you meet a new friend, in the back of your mind you already observe the behavior of that guy in both the cases after meeting him or her, like in worst-case if something happens he or she not gonna talk to you and in best-case everything will be fine and you have a lifelong friendship. By this simple thought, you have no expectations from the person you are talking to and you will be relaxed.
Practicing this for more than 3 years, now I more focused on my work and more productive because I have already had a thought which will take care of my mental peace automatically.
At last, I want to say that Mental Peace is your priority, don’t make your mental peace disturb you because it’s a life people come and go. We have to be Mentally strong to deal with big problems in life.
I am ending this article with a small quote I follow, which says
“NO EXPECTATION, NO WORRIES” live a happy life.
I hope you like this article please do share it with your family and friends.
Thank You
Peace out!!